Our Vision is:

To Know Christ And Make Him Known

And we plan to carry out that vision by implementing the following


Our challenge is to live for him and reach out to others. We want our church to be focused on God's great direction for us and encourage all to be involved in an area that speaks to you as an individual. This is a journey and the focus areas identified next will help us get there. "We believe that the ministry and growth of our church will flow from personal, Christ like, one-on-one caring relationships."

Each One-Reach One-Lead One-Obeying Him

 Jeremiah 6:6 (NKJ)
For thus has the LORD of hosts said: "Cut down trees, And build a mound against Jerusalem. This I is the city to be punished. She I is full of oppression in her midst.
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Traditional Worship Service 8:30 AM
Sunday School for all ages 9:40 AM
Contemporary Worship Service 10:45 AM
Youth Group 6:00 PM
Men's Prayer Meeting 7:30 AM